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A Creative Attempt to Diminish Pollutants

Here's a perspective that you will not find from me. 

#1 I am just not that green.  Sorry.

#2 I have never been to Dundee Scotland

#3 Caitlin Murray is a writer for Real Living I am just re-blogging Caitlin's ActiveRain content with her permission.   

Interesting.  Creative.

Transforming car pollutants back to clean air through another car? Seems a bit counter intuitive, but in Dundee, Scotland, artists and scientists have recently constructed a creative attempt to convert toxic car emissions back into oxygen and nitrates.

A new public artwork called Catalyst is to be unveiled in Dundee fairly soon. Catalyst is a sculpture resembling a car draped in a sheet. Made from concrete that according to a recent article by BBC, "contains catalytic titanium dioxide which reacts with light and triggers nitric oxides, carbon monoxide and sulphur monoxide to break apart," Catalyst converts car toxins to oxygen as well as nitrates that are beneficial to soil.

This is an exciting addition to Dundee's Greenmarket Car Park and Sensation science center. I had the opportunity to visit Dundee about seven years ago, and though the city is making the transition from major manufacturing sector to a Scottish hub for software development and biotechnology, it's still fairly industrialized. As a matter of fact, a great deal of Dundee's growth took place during the Industrial Revolution when the city earned a reputation for its jute refining and whaling industry.

Concrete similar to that found in Dundee's Catalyst ‘eco-sculpture' has been used across the globe to help diminish polluted air in urbanized settings. However, this is the first instance where the concrete has been used in the UK. Hopefully this step toward mitigating the pollution problem on the north shore of the Firth of Tay will continue to push an interest in environmental sustainability throughout Scotland.


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