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A Christmas Gift from HER: New Websites

Maureen McCabe HER Realtors site December 2012

Maureen McCabe of HER Realtors*

A Christmas Gift from HER Realtors to me.  Not just to me....all agents with HER Realtors got a present from HER just before Christmas.  We got our new HER websites just before Christmas.  I think I noticed it on the 21st.  I saw it on my dashboard a link to work on the new HER website and a link to work on the old Real Living website but those links did not work. 

It says:

"Edit your NEW
 HER Realtors Website
 Click Here"


"Edit your OLD
 Real Living Website
 Click Here"

The 'Click Here's (both of them) look like links but neither Click Here on my dashboard does anything....

I realized at some point the link that I have used to work on my Real Living HER site would allow me to edit the new site. The 'Website Admin ' button on the Real Living Real Estate Business Center, was controlling the new HER Realtors website, so started working on mine.    I worked on it a bit more on the 24th...

This change is actually moving fast. 

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HER Realtors Back to the Future

We are going back to using HER Realtors!  

A holiday gift from HER

On December 13, 2012 I had heard we were supposed to get the new sites on December 14.  On December 14 or 15th we got an update that the new sites would be out in about a week.   I had not thought we would get the HER websites until January 2013, so I was still excited to be getting a NEW HER site in 2012.

Happy New Year - Out with the old and in with the new...


My old "Real Living HER"will go away at some point.  My new HER Realtors site* is a work in progress. I found where to change the size of the humongous "Welcome To My Website" Actually the front page screamed "WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE" I reduced the size of the font.  I changed it to read "WELCOME TO MY SITE" and "Welcome to my HER Realtors website."  I can probably expand on that idea.  I am using the kitchen banner, but may change that.  There are different versions I can choose from and all kinds of ways to customize it, so my site will look different. 

It's a start.

My not so old, old Real Living HER website December 2012

Maureen McCabe Real Living HER site December 2012

The last time our Columbus, Ohio real estate brokerage sites changed  Auld Lang Syne Real Living HER Changed in December 2011. 




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Comment balloon 1 commentMaureen McCabe • December 26 2012 11:19AM


everyone likes new websites, its the best gift anyone could give or get i think

Posted by Robert May, Real estate consulting (Robert W May - Lethbridge Real Estate) over 3 years ago