Columbus Ohio real estate

Columbus homes are made of "sugar and spice and everything nice"

wood siding Oh no... that's little girls are made of,  of course... 

and the stereotype is little boys are made of  "snakes and snails and puppy dogs tails..."

Columbus homes are made of wood, brick, stone, vinyl, aluminum and sometimes "Other." 

When I read a Google description of what Tucson Arizona homes are made of I see "mud and termite poo..."

Tucson Homes Explained

Number Six in our series of Top Ten things to know about Tucson Real Estate: .... They're made of mud and, well, termite poo. Brushing off the tubes doesn't ... - 68k - Cached - Similar pages 

Really? How earthy! 

The Google link to Tucson' HouseChick Kelley's Blog perplexed me until I read the entry.  I am in the upper Midwest, the Great Lakes States area... Southwestern US building materials could include mud and termite poo  for all I know.  Adobe is foreign to me but I never ever thought it would be made up of mud and termite poo...  I do understand after reading the entry that Kelley is saying the termite tubes are made of mud and termite poo.  Real estate is local but Columbus termite tunnels are made of Ohio mud and termite poo too.  


I sold real estate in the Dayton Ohio area for a short time before moving to Columbus.  Homes there sometimes have a lot more brick on them.  Often homes in the Dayton Ohio area are all brick.  In Columbus (less than two hours from Dayton)  often homes have a brick facade, the back is stucco or siding, vinyl, wood or aluminum. 

If you want to read about the largest all brick community in the US or maybe it's the world?  Visit Teri Lussier's  about Huber Heights a community north east of the City of Dayton. 

We have Huber Homes in Central Ohio (the Columbus area) too.  Chuck Huber built brick ranches here too.  We have Huber ranches in Westerville, Blendon Township in the Huber Ridge subdivision) and Reynoldsburg. 

I worked with a couple a few years ago who had a "stucco home" in Tipp City.  It was really "Drivit" and there were lots of problems with it. It was a parade of homes house... ooops they call it Home-a-rama in Dayton.... High end house is the point of my reference.  They were not the only Drivit home in their neighborhood with moisture problems.  They wanted to be sure homes in Central Ohio were not Drivit.

 frame houseThere were 16343 single family homes on the market in the Columbus Board of REALTORS® MLS this morning. Of those there were listed by exterior of the home:

2481 - Aluminum exterior homes
94 - Asbestos exterior homes
133 - Block exterior homes
4505 - Brick exterior homes
68 - Log exterior homes
173 - Masonry exterior homes
314 - Shingle exterior homes
19 - Steel exterior homes 
2122 - Stone exterior homes
2224 - Stucco exterior homes
7503 - Vinyl exterior homes 
3113 - Wood exterior homes
312 - Other exterior homes


Add those up and there are a lot of houses on the market!  45393 homes grand total?  No it means of the 16343 Central Ohio single family homes ... most homes have 2.7 different kinds of exterior materials. 

I doubt some of them. There may be a typo or two.   The first "Block" home I looked at is a vinyl or aluminum sided bi-level in Cross Creek (in the City of Columbus in the Hilliard School District) of course the foundation is block.   There is a great one of a kind "Block" home on the market in the Clintonville / Beechwold area... and there's Rush Creek in Worthington of course! Great Block homes! There are a number of ranches listed from the 40's and 50's that could be block. 

Shingle, there can be Wood Shingles and there can be Asbestos Shingles or there could be Other Shingles. 

A bunch of the homes listed as "Masonry" in the Columbus Board of REALTORS® MLS are also listed as Brick.  Or homes that I would look at and say "that's a brick house" are listed as masonry.

One property I noticed is listed as:


Wow that's a lot of exterior materials for one house.  The property is listed at $14,800.  I thought couldn't you just take it apart and sell the pieces for more?


Central Ohio Market Reports (really we do not have lots of properties priced at $14,800.)


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Comment balloon 3 commentsMaureen McCabe • September 19 2007 10:59AM


Las Vegas homes are mostly Frame/Stucco...wood, brick, stone, are oftentimes facades.  Aluminum homes are located in all the mobile home parks around town.
Posted by Mary Warren almost 11 years ago

You are the queen of link love, and I love it! Thanks.

Tucson also has a few straw homes and tire homes. They are very creative in their building materials- the weather is conducive to experimenting.

Posted by Teri Lussier almost 11 years ago
wow there's a comment missing. I replied to Mary's ............we have lots ot aluminum sided homes that are not mobile homes or trailers here. I have never been to Tuscon. Straw and tire sound interesting. Thanks.
Posted by Maureen McCabe, Columbus Ohio Real Estate (HER Realtors) almost 11 years ago