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High St. in Clintonville... never too late...

High St. in Clintonville what is missing now?  A landmark on High St.  at 5250 N. High St... Make that 5205  N. High St.  High Street at Westview so that would be Sharon Heights, a Clintonville community.  The Pierce Cleaners sign that you always had to glance to look and see what it said.

Pierce Cleaners Clintonville Beechwold area

The front and back of the Pierce Cleaners sign could be different pithy statements so you had to look  to  see coming and going.  Or use your rear view mirror to read what the Pierce Cleaners sign said.   Carefully of course.  High St.  has lots of traffic today. 

Pierce Cleaners was established in 1946.  At this site?

The Pierce Cleaners sign on High St. in Clintonville was gone when I drove by yesterday.  A friend says it happened Wednesday so it was NOT there when I drove by at least twice on Thursday. has a photo from yesterday... Pierce Cleaners sign... heck my photo  is just a cell phone photo post accident.  A day or two later?    A woman racing a COTA bus for the corner hit the Pierce Cleaners sign?  I heard it on Facebook from a coworker who heard it from Pierce Cleaners employees when Pierce Cleaners sign  Columbus OH July 23, 2010he stopped to pick up his shirts.

The "NEVER TOO LATE TO BE WHO YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN"  top photo is George Campbell's photo from  his Flickr photostream...  HAVEBEEN ... kinda ran it together.   Campbell's photo is from 2007.

A landmark.... Another photo on Flickr. another pithy statement.  William Flood who writes and shoot the photos for Columbus Neon has a photo on Flickr too...

Flickr William Flood's Pierce Cleaners Photo on Flickr - All Rights Reserved. I believe Flood has a version of the photo (the same saying) on his blog at night.

Yelp...   funny review of Pierce Cleaners most more about the sign than the service, business. Yelp Pierce Cleaners reviews.  Laughing at the review where the employees are not entertaining... like the sign, Heather writes:

"Well, don't just a marquee by its cover.  I found them to be lacking in the personality department and completely unconcerned with hearing about how I was prompted to come in because of their funny sayings on the marquee outside."

High St. in Clintonville or Sharon Heights or whatever the area is called will not be the same without the Pierce Cleaners sign.  The business was established in 1946 could the sign be that old?   It's old.  RIP? Part of me wants to believe the damage was minimal and the old sign was rushed to the neon sign hospital and in stable condition.

Another photo with another pithy statement...  Roadside Peak  a look at neon in the Midwest found the Pierce Cleaners sign saying "I NEVER MET A CALORIE I DIDNT LIKE"

I have to have more photos somewhere..  not at night... not artsy, just capturing the signs clever, pithy statements.   Do you have any photos of the Pierce Cleaners sign?  What was it saying?

Image Credit George Campbell's photo is licensed with a Creative Commons license on his Flickr photostream.  Thanks for allowing it to be shared.

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Comment balloon 4 commentsMaureen McCabe • July 24 2010 08:48AM


Maureen... what a cool post and thanks for sharing this touching local story. I love places like this. So sorry to here it's no longer there. I hope it did go to the neon sign hospital and it's going to be okay. You just can't get much more American than that! We have fewer and fewer of them, but still a couple of good one's up here in Washington.

Posted by Rene Fabre, Marketing in the Digital Age (First American Title) about 9 years ago

I can not find anything in the news Rene.  There was a big important story across the street and right up the road on Thursday... It's so funny a friend saw my little photo of the missing sign on Facebook and filled me in with what the employees told him when he stopped to pick up his shirts.

I was a passenger in the car going by twice on Thursday... we must have been talking because I sure did not notice it was gone but Friday morning I noticed.  I stopped later in the day to take the photo.  

We have a few good ones... This was a great neon sign plus clever musings...

Posted by Maureen McCabe, Columbus Ohio Real Estate (HER Realtors) about 9 years ago

Wow, what a cool idea.  I guess it really does get your attention and a fun daily activtiy.  I'll have to ask my friend in Columbus if she knows about this place.  Really shows you the impact a little creativity can really have.

Posted by Debbie Gartner, The Flooring Girl & Blog Stylist -Dynamo Marketers (The Flooring Girl) about 9 years ago

missed your comment!  I wonder if they've been doing "pithy statements" since 1946 or if they used the sign for pricing originally or hours or???

Posted by Maureen McCabe, Columbus Ohio Real Estate (HER Realtors) about 9 years ago