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Clintonville area... Zillow refers to it as Sharon Heights

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The Clintonville area... Zillow refers to it as Sharon Heights!  Or at least some of the Clintonville area is Sharon Heights according to Zillow.  The northern part of the corridor between Clintonville and the City of Worthington.  Zillow has maps showing the area referred to as Sharon Heights.

Sharon Heights according to Zillow

Could you live in "Sharon Heights" and not even know it?

Zillow's Sharon Heights seems to run from the southern border of Worthington south to Morse Rd (and Rathbone Rd, west of High St.)  Western border?  The Olentangy River?  Eastern border???  I71?  The rail road tracks?

The REAL  Sharon Heights

There really, really is a north Columbus neighborhood that is Sharon Heights.  The yellow line in this snippet of a map is High Street. The houses represent homes that were on the market and described as Sharon Heights in the Columbus Board of REALTORS MLS at some point.

Sharon Heights

The legal descriptions of some properties on E. Kanawha Ave., Charleston Ave., and Rush Ave are Sharon Heights.  I'm not sure if there are homes facing sections of Morningand Foster Streets between Kanawha and Charleston...   If there are homes on Morning and Foster between Kanawha and Charleston they could be the real Sharon Heights as well.

Zillow's Sharon Heights

The sign at the south end of Worthington as you enter Columbus welcomes you to Clintonville.  Perhaps Zillow's neighborhood naming convention will catch on and someday a sign at the Worthington border will say:

"Welcome to Sharon Heights"

The neighborhoods in the City of Columbus that Zillow refers to as Sharon Heights look like they include:

  • Chaseland
  • Delawanda Park
  • Sharon Heights

I'd bet there are others in there too...

Meadowlark is???

There is a subdivision called "Wood Something-or-other..." or maybe it is Forest.... east end of Stanton...  toward Indianola... late 1960's possibly into the 1970's houses.  Forest Rd., Woodglen, if I only had a magnifying glass I could read my Zillow map snippet above...

The Indian Something or Other neighborhood built in the late 1980s that backs to the deaf school.

The Tremont Gardens subdivision is not in the City of Columbus...  Tremont Gardens is in Sharon Township... or most of the homes in Tremont Gardens  are still in the unincorporated area.  Tremont Gardens is in the neighborhood referred to as "Sharon Heights" by Zillow.

The City of Columbus'  Clintonville Area Commission's Sharon Heights

Tremont Gardens is not on Maps for the Clintonville Area Commission, because the Clintonville Area Commission is City of Columbus...

There is an old website (with nasty pop-ups)  for the Clintonville Area Commission's "Sharon Heights" District.  That district does not include Delawanda Park.  The Delawanda Park subdvision is lumped in with Old Beechwold in City of Columbus Clintonville Area Commission Districts.

Sharon Heights Clintonville Area Commission

So if you are driving south on High St. if you believe Zillow when you see the "Welcome to Clintonville sign" as you leave Worthington, first you drive through Sharon Heights, then Beechwold, then Clintonville.



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Comment balloon 4 commentsMaureen McCabe • June 08 2010 10:58AM


I am not not much of a fan of Zillow and this is just one of the raesons.

Posted by Russell Lewis, Broker,CLHMS,GRI (Realty Austin, Austin Texas Real Estate) over 9 years ago

This should have been saved as a draft!

When I was talking to a consumer about "Sharon Heights"  recently I did not know  (or remember) that there is a subdivision named Sharon Heights in the middle of Zillow's Sharon Heights.  I said something like "Zillow just makes up neighborhoods arbitrarily."  

They do.  This is not the worst one...  or maybe I get this one now because I looked at it.  In fact this one may make a lot of sense.    In this case I think the name  makes sense even if no one but Zillow knows that it is Sharon Heights.  The neighborhood west of the real Sharon Heights (homes with a legal description of Sharon Heights) are in Sharon Township not in the City of Columbus.  

The neighborhoods in this area do get kind of lost sometimes.    It is not the kind of area where each neighborhood has a sign at the entrance.   A sign at the Columbus cityline welcomes people to Clintonville.  Clintonville does not have borders.    The City of Columbus does not have wards.  There are area commissions and the Clintonville Area Commission has 9 districts, one is called Sharon Heights.   The CAC's Sharon Heights does not match Zillows Sharon Heights...  but that is because of Unincorportated areas and I can see why they include Delawanda Park in Sharon Heights and NOT with  Beechwold and Old Beechwold.

I heard something described in an ad once as Baja Clintonville.  Southern Clintonville?  Some little tale south of Clintonville,that dips into the University area?  I actually think Baja Clintonville is cute.


Posted by Maureen McCabe, Columbus Ohio Real Estate (HER Realtors) over 9 years ago

There really is a neighborhood within Clintonville called Sharon Heights.  Most people who live between Morse and Chase, High and Indianola know that they live in Sharon Heights.  Our community is represented in the CAC. 

I am a member of the Sharon Heights Community Association Park Task Force.  We are creating a park where Sharon Elementary School was located (at the corner of E. Stanton and Foster).  I was looking up Sharon Heights history because we are looking for a name for our park. 

I just wanted to let you know that Sharon Heights is a real neighborhood. 

Posted by mindy williams about 9 years ago

Thanks I know it is a real neighborhood Mindy, there are properties with Sharon Heights as a legal description....  

That's why the post says:

"The REAL  Sharon Heights

There really, really is a north Columbus neighborhood that is Sharon Heights.  The yellow line in this snippet of a map is High Street. The houses represent homes that were on the market and described as Sharon Heights in the Columbus Board of REALTORS MLS at some point."

Quoting the post here the part below with the second map... of properties with the REAL Sharon Heights.

I loved the Sharon Elementary School but the park will be neat.

Thanks for stopping by!

Posted by Maureen McCabe, Columbus Ohio Real Estate (HER Realtors) about 9 years ago