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Wear Socks While Househunting!


This is a Re-Blog of a funny but true post from Brian Block.  You are going to be asked to take your shoes off looking at homes.  Unless you want to feel the cold tile wear socks...

Wearing sandals? Bring along a pair of socks if walking barefoot through a house is a problem for you. 

I have at least one Real Living HER Open House list post where I recommend slip ons for visiting open houses but I did not say wear socks...  it was the middle of winter..


Fashion advice on a real estate blog?  Sure... why not?

ShoesSome may see this as fashion, but I see it as practicality and comfort.  To be honest, it doesn't matter to me whether you show up for the home search in a three-piece suit, a leather mini-skirt, plaids clashing with polka dots, or sweatpants.  I just want you to be comfortable and happy for your househunting expedition.

When heading out to go see homes, you'll likely notice that many sellers prefer that you take off your shoes.  This is especially true when the carpets have just been cleaned and/or new carpets installed.  After all, what potential buyer/new owner wants to mess up their own future home with dirt from the outside.  Many homeowners selling their homes post signs admonishing potential buyers to "Please Remove Your Shoes!"


I learned this lesson a long, long time ago and generally wear my slip-on shoes as to avoid the repeated tying and untying of shoelaces during a lengthy home search.  However, some of my clients are not as well-informed about this minutiae of the home search process.


Barefoot househuntingUntil today, I had never thought to warn my clients and present them with a dress code.  However, I felt very sorry for one of my clients who had to remove her shoes at the 8 homes we visited today and walk around with bare feet on cold marble, tile, and wood floors!


Wear Socks While Househunting


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Closing comments due to spam.  Wearing socks is still a good idea. 

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