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Google or Facebook Might be HOW You Find Your Next Real Estate Agent!


This is a Re-Blog.  I did not write this. Lola Audu a broker in the state north of us did.   For some reason I have a mental block about what the term "social graph" means.  I first saw Lola's post on Facebook but later found it published on  ActiveRain a real estate network on Facebook.  The first words in Lola's original title are the words "Social Graph."

I was not sure if Lola  was talking to consumers or others in the real estate industry,  I decided the title works for talking to consumers:

"Social Graphs... Why a BETA Search in Google or Facebook Might be HOW You Find Your Next Real Estate Agent!"

I want to talk to consumers about how real estate is changing because of Google, Facebook, etc. I am talking to you, the Central Ohio real estate consumer in sharing what Lola has to say because the concept of the Social Graph is important but evades me.

Thanks to Lola Audu  for allowing her post to be Re-Blogged.


The debate about the viability and future of Multiple Listing Services has continued unabated for years. Brokers have locked horns about a number of issues ranging from how the data will be shared and what will be shared to the politics of 'leveling the playing field' and who's investment is being protected or squandered.  

While the battle has raged, players from various spectrum have stepped into the void to create options for consumers.  We're all familiar with the forays of Zillow and Trulia.  But less attention has been paid to the implications of another important element emerging in the online arena...the resurgance of Social Graphs.

What is is a Social Graph?

Social GraphsAccording to Google, a Social Graph is a network of connections that Google uses to identify RELEVANT social search results.  These are based on the following criteria:  1) Direct connections from your Google Chat buddies and contacts, 2)  Direct connections from links that appear on your Google Profile and 3)  Secondary Connections from links that are directly related to links from your Direct Connections.  In addition, content from blog posts in your Google Reader might also be included.

But Google is not the only Major Player experimenting with the Social Graph...

Have you checked your Facebook Privacy Settings lately?  You might be interested to know that you have been automatically 'enabled' to allow your 'friends' to see where you've checked into recently. And...NO, this does not have anything to do with Foursquare!  Yelp is using social graphing to link small business and owners and Multiple Open Graph projects around the world are developing applications for global mapping.

You may have noticed that when you checked into certain sites, you would see the profile avatars of friends from your Facebook page and would be encouraged to explore their experience with a particular place or product.  For instance a recent visit to the site trip advisor brought up several individuals who in some way were connected to the place I was thinking about planning a trip to.

So...What does this have to Do With Real Estate?

Global real estate connectingWell, a heck of a lot!  You might try typing in a search for your area's homes on Google.  If you page down to the bottom, there will likely be at least one link to an agent in your local network.  You can even explore WHY they were suggested.  You might be intrigued to find that they are linked to you via Flicker, or you subscribed to their blog or Facebook fan page...or perhaps, they are linked via your Blog Roll or their RSS Feed comes into your Reader.

Don't Get Hung Up on the Wrong Thing...

If you get hung up on the fact that this agent is a competitor, you'll miss the power of the implications of this potentially HUGE momentum shifter.  It's all about Relationships Folks!  

People who are forming those connections across the web today are in a sense building city scapes; vast arenas of virtual landscape in which the web of viral connectivity is being constructed - created via the links of shared interests.  

The Future of Real Estate Search?

Is there a possibility that in the future, real estate agents will not be identified through listings or MLS database profiles?  Will your next customer lead find you within a shared base of connection which is simply awaiting the barest whisper of a mouse click to guide their search to the one they have known and trusted online for a long, long time?  A paradigm shift to be sure...but one that has the potential to impact the fundamentals in profoundly important ways.

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Google or Facebook Might be HOW You Find Your Next Real Estate Agent!
This is a Re-Blog. I did not write this. Lola Audu a broker in the state north of us did. For some reason I have a mental block about what the term "social graph" means. I first saw Lola's post on Facebook but later found it… more