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Perception or reality

the queenOhio's big cities are not the only US cities with growing pains.  The Columbus Dispatch series about Ohio's Big Cities  that I've been following all week did an article about Cincinnati today.  In the web extras in the Special Series, the expert from the Brookings Institution interviewed by the Columbus Dispatch says ciites throughout the mid-west and northeast are having or have had similar growing pains. 

It's not just about being able to compete with other US cities for population and jobs either, cities have to compete in the global economy.

Ohio's cities, "perception & reality" is my percpetion on of Cincinnati. Cincinnati is the Queen City (I can't remember why Cincinnati is called the Queen City though...) 

The Columbus Dispatch series says of Ohio's big cities:

"Ohio's cities, as we have historically known them, are dead. Forget the past. Except for Columbus, Ohio's big cities have endured vast population and job losses.

City leaders realize the glory days are not coming back. They are working on strategies to reinvent, transform or do an extreme makeover of thier towns in order to compete in the new global economy.

The Dispatch takes a look at the issues, through the eyes of those living in those cities."

Exreme Makeover City Edition?  I am trying to think back over the ciites in the series (the Dispatch has done all but Youngstown and Columbus) to think which city leaders have done an  "extreme makeover."

Toledo Ohio Jobs, Jobs, Jobs....

Akron  "I went back to Ohio"

Dayton Ohio Big Cities' burbs...

Cleveland Blame "Sex in the City"


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