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Best Barbeque in Columbus

bbqThe 4th of July and barbecue  go well together...

Only eight days to vote or the best barbecue (or do you say barbeque?) in Columbus on AOL City Guide.... the winner each year gets a great little plaque to put in foyer saying they have Columbus BEST (Asian Food, Barbecue, Pizza, Desert, Mexican Food, etc.)

Vote City's BEST - Columbus Barbecue

Who's in the competition for  BEST Columbus BBQ (the lazy blogger's way to spell the word)?

Barley's Smokehouse  - Dublin Road location

City Barbeque - Northwest Columbus

Flatiron Bar & Diner
- Downtown

Hickory House Restaurant

Hoggy's - Gahanna location

J.P.'s Barbeque Ribs & Chicken

Smackies Smokehouse - Northeast Columbus (*Cleveland Avenue just north of 161)

Who's missing?

It's been years since I've been to the Flatiron Bar & Diner.... Barbecue?  I guess so... the write up says that's what they're famous for.

*Take what you read on the AOL City Guide with a grain of salt... as it is not very local... for example Smackies ... click through to their own site, I thought there was a second restaurant on Thompson Rd. since that's the info on the vote, the AOL City Guide.  Smackies moved over a year ago to Cleveland Ave.  

A local food blogger did a review of Smackies on Bitchin in the Kitchen with Rosie over a year ago.   BBQ is so personal... just from Rosie's review I don't  think I"d like Smackes... I drive by it often.   I just keep driving by.  Sounds too "Southern" for me...

I voted for Hoggy's.  I don't eat at the Hoggy's in Gahanna.  I have... but not in years.  I eat at the Hoggy's at Polaris.   I fondly remember the Hoggy's in Linworth.   I bet people who voted for City Barbeque are not all votiing for the northwest Columbus location on Henderson...  and if they win all the City Barbque will take credit for having the BEST barbecue.

AOL City Guide will announce the winners on July 22, 2008.


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