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Colorful Columbus Roofs in the Polaris Area

Polaris Crossing The sky is gray... it is cooler... It felt more like fall this morning in Central Ohio... 


Are those blue and green roofs?  Driving through the intersection of Lazelle  and Sancus a friend pointed out the colorful patchwork of roof tarps on the Polaris Crossing apartments, just south-west of the intersection.  Every building of the rental complex seemed to have a tarp...the remains of the September 14, 2008 storm that hit Central Ohio.

Bad shingles?  Shoddy roofing?  Are "dimensional shingles" that much heavier... the roofs on the businesses on the northwest corner really all have flat roofs with the dimensional shingles on the front for show... The roofs on Polaris Crossing are not "dimensional" roofing shingles, they are "3 tab shingles" as they say in the business...  The roofs on the Carriage Oaks Condominiums just south of Polaris Crossing are "3 tab shingles" too.  We saw a tarp in Carriage Oaks from Sancus Blvd.  Many of the homes in Worthington Highlands have  "dimensional shingles" driving around there are tarps there too.  There's a house in Worthington Highlands you can see from Sancus Road that needs a tarp in the worst way...

It's not like the Easter hail storm that hit Central Ohio one year... as far as being a boon to the roofing business in Central Ohio and an opportunity for "storm chasers" from outside of Central Ohio (even from other states.)  Many roofs in Central Ohio just need some repair work...some shingles after the September 2008 windstorm.  The roofers signs are popping up on front lawns of homes but here's one big job for some roofing contractor.

This corner of the world is just south of the Delaware County border (Polaris is in Delaware County) in Franklin County.



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