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Irina from Pasadena (Irina Netchaev an ActiveRain member) Twittered about Squid Zipper from the Keller Williams Family Reunion...Irina's tweet:  

Seth Godin announces free svc free website to build info on your town. from web

(Twitter is microblogging 140 characters...)  

so I built a Squid Zipper "lens" for my ZIP code, 43085 the day Irina twittered about Squid Zipper.  I had trouble publishing my Squid Zipper lens for 43085 for some reason so it was not published until 2/19/2008. I probably forgot all about the Squid Zipper lens for a week... but I published it.  It's had one view.  Me? 

Tina the Columbus blogger who writes Green Buckeye emailed me Seth Godin's 2/21/ 2008 post the other day....

Advice for real estate agents (quit now!) 

to paraphrase Godin, there's a plan A and a plan b...

Plan A: You should quit selling real estate.

Plan B: this is where Squid Zipper comes in...

Gee if those are our choices maybe I need to take this Squid Zipper thing more seriously.  I went back and edited and added some info to my Squid Zipper lens.  Links to the municipalities in the ZIP code and the school district.  The rest of it did come directly from the Squid Zipper questions, prompts.  I also went and read on Wikipedia what it said Squidoo is. I have another Squidoo lens there somewhere... I started a lens looooong ago.  Squid Zipper is easier, it is more organized than just "add a lens."    Squid Zipper adds stats, a pie chart (I love stats and pie charts but I have no idea if the stats for an an area like this mean anything...) weather, restaurant ads, ebay ads and more ads...

My Squid Lens for Columbus Ohio 43085 

I don't really like building content that plasters on ads for other real estate agents, brokerages... but that's the reality of web 2.0 unless it is your very own site isn't it?  On Squidoo at least I believe the income on the pages is shared, unlike all the splogs that steal the content from my (your?) blog and make money off of it while advertising your competitors with my (your) content.

Questions for the Squidoo Gurus on ActiveRain:

Anyone else done a Squid Zipper page? 

Are you the mayor of your ZIP code?

Anyone who has had a lot of experience with Squidoo.. do you get a lot of spam on it? Do you have control over the lens and are you able to remove spam easily? 

How do you see Squidoo different than Localism on ActiveRain?

How do you see Squidoo different than sharing the same info on your own blog? 


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Columbus Ohio 43085 - Squid Zipper
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