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Happy New Year 4705

 Happy Chinese New Year 4705...

Not just once but twice today I single handedly took Chinese civilization back seven hundred years by writing Happy New Year 4075 on my blogs. I corrected the info on my Discover Columbus blog but I am not sure if I can get into but I am sure going to try.

700 years earlier that is a long time... that would be before Shakespeare, before Columbus Discovered America, that would be quite a setback.  I don't know Chinese history but I can imagine there were major changes between 4075 and 4705.  

Chinese History Timeline - 700 Years Ago would be the Yuan Dynasty. Shortly after the adventures of Marco Polo and Kublah Khan. 

A friend just called out "does anyone know what year it is in the Chinese calendar?"  and I got it right verbally... did you know this is the year of the golden pig?  I am not sure what that means but it only comes around every 60 years.  A year of the golden pig is a very lucky year according to my friend's client who is from China. 

Oooops on Sometimes not being found can be a good thing....


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Feb. 18, 2007 - Happy New Year 4075 Columbus

Happy New Year Columbus - it is year 4075 in the Chinese calendar... or I think it is. 

Last year was 4074, the year of the dog... that would make this 4075 and the year of the pig by my calculations. 


Happy New Year 4705! 


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