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Mona Lisa smile

deja vu..."Mona lisa, mona lisa...."  I don't know why but I Googled the lyrics to Nat King Cole's 'Mona Lisa' recently.... the comments on Michigan Blogger Sara Lipnitz Active Rain Blog from her Florida admirers caught my attention...

" Sara,

You know I love reading your blog! That Mona Lisa smile won me over.. "

09/18/2006  by  Active Rainer Scott Daniels 


Forget Scott! I saw you first!"

09/18/2006  by Active Rainer William Seufert 

Sara Lipnitz and her Mona Lisa smileMy goodness...Sara does have a Mona Lisa smile....   a smile that  Wikipedia  describes as an "enigmatic smile". Sara have you run your photo through the Celebrity Look-alike thingamadoodle?* I don't know if they have a picture of Mona Lisa in their data base... whether they use art or just old photos but I see the resemblance.

Now I have to admit I am not well traveled.  I have never been to the Louvre, so maybe I am not the best judge....  but I played Masterpiece as a kid and I have been to Columbus Short North...and seen Columbus Ohio's mural version of the Mona Lisa smile.  

I prefer the Short North Gazette photo of Mona Lisa (if I were any kind of real blogger I'd have pictures of my own of the Short North Murals wouldn't I?) to the photos on the digital library at the OSU  Architecture Schools website... there's something about the blue porta potty at Mona Lisa's head in the OSU photos that bothers me... the link to the OSU  photos  being shared in the spirit of education... anyone visiting Columbus, don't miss the Short North Murals including the mural based on Leoanardo Da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa.'  All of the  murals  are a public treasure... or maybe they are a private treasure, owned by the Short North property owners the public gets an opportunity to appreciate the murals everyday.  

*If Michigander Sara Lipnitz would visit Columbus Ohio and pose with the Mona Lisa mural I would grab a camera....and take a photo or two... Darn  OSU play Michigan State at MSU this year*...   I believe Maureen F.  wrote in her Active Rain Blog that both Josh Plummer and Sara Lipnitz are Michigan State alumni.  It would have been kinda fun for Sara to visit Columbus and the Short North Mural.*

Columbus Short North's 'Mona Lisa' mural was originally painted in 1990 according to the Short North Gazette and got her most recent face lift in 2005.  Great info in the Short North Paper about how the Short North murals came to be. Sara Lipnitz would have been a mere child when the mural was painted.... 

The Mona Lisa.... Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece of a mysterious woman with a slight smile... ..Nat King Cole lyrics... "are you warm, are you real, mona lisa? Or just a cold and lonely lovely work of art? Mona lisa, mona lisa." 


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Mona Lisa smile
deja vu… "Mona lisa, mona lisa… " I don't know why but I Googled the lyrics to Nat King Cole's 'Mona Lisa' recently… the comments on Michigan Blogger Sara Lipnitz ActiveRain Blog from her Florida admirers caught my attention… &… more
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